Dura-Base Matting

Dura-Base Matting


Need to protect the ground during construction? Want a stable road instead of a muddy mess that slows down work? Dura-Base bog mats are the ultimate solution.

JWA is Asia Pacific’s exclusive distributor for this versatile and reliable matting system. We have brought over 25,000 bog mats into the region, capable of covering an area of over 200,000m².

With main depot in Brisbane, and offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, JWA delivers nationwide to country’s major projects across all sectors.

What Are DuraBase Bog Mats?

Bog mats are temporary ground covers that help to protect a variety of terrain and also improve access.

What Are Bog Mats Typically Used For?

Bog mats can be used to solve ground cover problems in a range of different fields:

They can be used for many different terrains and soil types; including tidal flats, sand, marshes, beaches, bogs, black soils, snow, tundra, peat swamps, muskegs and river creeks. Dura-Base bog mats have been tested in each of these environments and have helped to improve access in a broad assortment of construction and other projects.

What Are the Different Types of Bog Mats?

Bog mats are typically made from timber or plastics. Our Dura-Base bog mats are constructed with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) alongside our proprietary mix of UV stabilisers and static dissipaters.

They are engineered by a team of expert technicians to provide a versatile thermoplastic that is specifically designed as a ground covering. This material gives a continuous solid surface for our customers to work from.

Dura-Base bog mats were developed alongside the US military and have been used in major projects for over 16 years. They are renowned as the premier composite ground protection mat on the market.

What Are the Benefits of Using Bog Mats?

These mats can provide a range of construction and access solutions in a variety of fields. Our Dura-Base bog mats can be used to create temporary roads and surfaces that reduce the damage to the underlying land.

They spread heavy loads across a wider area, helping to minimise the impact to the ground. This boosts stability and improves access. They are particularly useful as temporary road solutions in wet or heavily trafficked areas.

Dura-Base bog mats can help to:

  • Minimise transportation, construction and reclamation costs
  • Reduce the costs of placing and disposing liner
  • Prevent spills or other damage to the site
  • Improve construction site stability and safety
  • Protect a site throughout the year in all types of weather

Contact Our Team to Find Out More

If your project needs a high-quality ground cover solution, call our team to find out more. Our experienced operators can discuss what needs to be done and help you to come up with an ideal solution. Whether you need to rent or purchase bog mats, they can help you decide on the best action for your project.

Click here to view the Dura-Base Performance Data Sheet.

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