Erosion and Sediment Control

Erosion and Sediment Control

Need To Firm Up Your Erosion and Sediment Control Plans?

Composite mats, whether it is bog mats, trakmats or interlocking heavy-duty DuraBase mats, all provide an instant layer of hard, protective surface that can be easily cleaned, removed and most importantly, reused.

At JWA, we have been providing composite matting solutions for temporary roadways, watercourse crossings, ground protection, soft ground platforms and more since 2003.

Recently, we have added to our line up, FODS, a new approach to an old challenge, construction site track outs.

We understand Australian sites and ground conditions. Below are the different applications of composite matting specifically for erosion and sediment control. 

FODS Rumble Grid Mud Shaker Mats

Track Out Control

Imagine a hassle-free way to meet your construction site's entry/exit sediment control.

  • No more continuous top-ups of single-use rock pads.
  • No digging of trenches for vibration grids.
  • No risk of damaging heavy rumble grids during regular cleaning.

FODS Track Out Control Mats are made of durable yet flexible polymer with a patented pyramid design. This provides both a rumble action to shake of mud, as well as gently splaying apart tyre treads for further debris removal.

FODS install rapidly on many surfaces without the need to dig a trench. They have been successfully used on sandy soils, clayey soils, concrete, asphalt and more.

FODS are easy to maintain and can be cleaned in situ.

FODS are easily moved and repositioned. On busy sites, they can be assembled away from the entrance and dragged into place during a break in traffic.

FODS are reusable. Imagine the time saved with the same pad over multiple sites and projects.

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Temporary access into floodway minimising site erosion

Minimise Soil Disturbance

Our range of composite mats work on the simple principle of providing a layer of ground protection. Our line up starts from man-portable bogmats for light vehicle traffic, right up to interlocking engineered platforms for heavy steel-tracked equipment.

Composite mats are ideal for :

  • Temporary access roads
  • Working in problematic soils such as acid sulfate soils
  • Working in sensitive environmental wetlands
  • Working around watercourses
  • Stockpile pads


  • Minimal topsoil disturbance potentially reducing amount of control measures required
  • No washout from rains
  • Minimal site rehabilitation
  • Replace need for imported fill material
  • Reusable 

Not sure which composite matting is right for your scope? Our team of experts are ready to help.

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Composite Mat Project Photos

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