Beach Access

Beach Access

Advantages of Bog Mats for Beach Access

Sand. It gets everywhere.

Want to unload 300-ton cranes directly onto the beach or build a rock solid landing point in less than a day? Or wheelchair-friendly pedestrian beach access during the summer season?

We all know that powdery soft beach sand and equipment tyres are not a good match, often leading to sand bogging.

Keep construction equipment and materials sitting above the beach sand when interlocked for temporary staging areas because we all know that bogging is no fun at all.

Unload project equipment via a temporary barge landing point or ferry traffic for both machines and crew. Alternative public beach access can be kept open during construction using our services.

Heavy duty mats can reliably be anchored down to the sea floor to resist wave action.

We understand that project scopes can vary during the job. Our DuraBase composite mats are stable and versatile for long term work having successful case studies ranging from one month to over a year giving you the peace of mind of its project proven durability.

We have options to buy or rent composite matting solutions.

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