Bog Mats

Bog Mats




What are Bog Mats or Composite Matting?

  • Composite matting is known by many names, depending on the application and terrain.
  • Out in the wetlands, marshes and swamps, operators call them swamps mats and use them for temporary access into soft grounds.
  • Rig operators affectionately know them as rig mats and used for temporary ground improvement for their working platforms.
  • Bog mats are by far the most common term and can range anywhere from 10mm thick bogmats to get trucks out of trouble, right up to 105mm engineered platforms for the most challenging applications.
  • For temporary roadways and ground improvement solutions, we have everything from the man-portable Rhino Mats to Australia's heaviest duty matting system, DuraBase Composite Mats.
  • For your rig floor and traction needs, look no further than Lea-Der Drill Floor Traction Matting.
  • FODS is an Australian first - a trackout control matting system for effective management of mud and debris on construction vehicles leaving site. 

How to choose the right bogmat for your job

Bog mats can be differentiated by their weight class, interlocking capabilites and intended application.

Users looking for something that they can load on the back on a truck for quick access over small boggy areas prefer man portable, light duty mats such as Protech or Rhino mats.

Heavier equipment like cranes, excavators, piling rigs are more likely to require medium to heavy duty mats, depending on ground conditions.

Generally, thicker and larger mats provide better stability, ground protection and load spreading but are heavier and require machinery to install.

Mats can be connected either by:

  • butting up against each other and using metal connectors that screw in, to help minimise mat movement during  use.
  • having overlapping parts that interconnect together for a continuous surface. This can help to provide effective load spreading across the entire surface.

Another thing to consider is the duration of the job. It may be more cost effective to purchase for longer term projects, while rental options would suit projects with durations of 12 months or less.

Below is a handy table to compare different bog mats or composites mats available. To discuss your project scope in further detail, talk to our experienced team on 1800 264 628.

 Protech Bog MatsRhino Composite MatsUltraPanel BogmatsDura-Base Heavy Duty Composite MatsFODS Rumble MatsLeaDer Traction Mats
Class LightLightMedium to HeavyHeavyTrack Out ControlFloor Traction
Dimensions1200mm x 2400mm x 12mm1250mm x 1250mm x 38mm3000mm x 2500mm x 45mm4270mm x 2440mm x 105mm

3658mm x 2135mm x 95mm

(73mm pyramid height)

Custom built with thickness of either 9.05mm or 31.75mm 
Weight38 kg21 kg295 kg454 kg195 kg

 ~ 39kg  per square metre

Load  (on competent ground)

Up to 80 tonnes315 tonnes per square metreOver 80 tonnesOver 100 tonnesUp to 80 tonnes

N/A Tensile Strength 3,000 psi

InterlockingOptional ConnectorsBuilt-in locking systemOptional ConnectorsOverlapping sectionsOptional ConnectorsN/A
HandlingMan Portable (Two Man)Man PortableForked or Crane LiftForked or Crane LiftForked or Crane Lift Not Portable
  • Turf Protection
  • Hardscape Protection
  • Temporary access pathways
  • Temporary Vehicle Access
  • Turf Protection
  • Hardscape Protection
  • Temporary pedestrian access path
  • Temporary flooring
  • Temporary Vehicle Access
  • Turf Protection
  • Hardscape Protection
  • Temporary Access
  • Ground Stabilization
  • Tree root protection
    (load spreading)
  • Buried services protection
    (load spreading)
  • Turf Protection
  • Hardscape Protection
  • Temporary Access
  • Ground Stabilization
  • Tree root protection
    (load spreading)
  • Buried services protection
    (load spreading)
  • Track Out Control
  • Site exit
  • Ground Protection
  • Rumble Grid replacement
  • Crushed Rock Ballast alternative
  • Drilling Rig Floor Traction Surface


Looking for management of your matting inventory? Talk to us for washing and storage solutions.

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