Temporary Roadways

Temporary Roadways

How to choose the right composite mat for constructing temporary roadways

Projects needing to build temporary roads and track access on their site have to consider the following factors:

  • Ground type and condition - load bearing capacity, compactness and trafficability of soil.
  • Environmental considerations - working near waterways and reserve areas.
  • Heaviest weight of equipment running on the roadway.
  • Duration required - will the road track be for a few passes or expecting high traffic over a long period of time.
  • Weather conditions - susceptibility to rain.  
  • Underground assets - tree roots, cultural heritage sites, buried pipelines.

Combination of these factors will determine whether the temporary road will require composite mats to be of a certain thickness, have features such as built-in interlocking sections, load spread capabilities, and if additional equipment is required for installation.

Below are some composite mats we have in our range that are suitable for temporary road access. 


DuraBase Mats

(4270mm x 2440mm x 105mm, 454kg each)

These are heavy duty composite mats for projects needing temporary road tracks with the highest stability, load spread capabilities and ground protection. These interlocking road mats have been tried and tested in the challenging terrains from tidal flats, marine mud, to Class A Reserves. With a crush pressure rating of 400psi, it has even taken on a 3,000t dragline.

Heavy Duty Temporary Road MatsAustralia's toughest composite road mats


UltraPanel Mats

(3000mm x 2500mm x 45mm, 295kg each)

Medium duty composite mats that provide medium to heavy vehicles temporary road access with moderate load spread and ground protection. These access mats can be linked with optional connectors and bolts. 

Medium duty track matsMedium duty temporary road track mats


Rhino Mats

(125mm x 125mm x 38mm, 21kg each)

These versatile composite mats have been used from temporary pedestrian walkways to temporary road tracks for light to medium vehicles. With built-in interlocking mechanism, Rhino mats are installable by hand and rapidly deploy on construction sites for near-instant temporary access roads.

Man-portable beach road access mattingTemporary Shared User Pathway


ProTech Mats

(2400mm x 1200mm x 12mm, 38kg each)

Australian made bogmats that are ideal for temporary road tracks for light vehicles and trucks. It is a durable alternative to plywood boards for the protection of existing hardscapes, asphalt, footpaths, lawns and concrete surfaces often encountered during machinery crossovers. The mats can be carried by two people with handhold cutouts for ease of use.

Temporary Access with BogmatsAustralian made track mats

At JWA, we have been successfully supporting major projects with proven temporary road way solutions since 2003. Talk to our experienced team today for your project needs.


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