New Zero-Carbon Wastewater Treatment Tech Wins METS Ignited Grant

New Zero-Carbon Wastewater Treatment Tech Wins METS Ignited Grant
New Zero-Carbon Wastewater Treatment Tech Wins METS Ignited Grant
21 MAY 2021

Our solar-driven distillation technology has received industry-matched funding under the METS Collaborative Projects Funding.

New zero-carbon wastewater treatment tech wins METS Ignited grant

A novel solar-driven distillation technology that will extract pure water from waste streams produced by the resources sector and improve rehabilitation processes has received industry-matched funding under the METS Collaborative Projects Funding. 

The METS Collaborative Projects Fund is a program backed by the Queensland Government to address business challenges faced by the resources sector.

As part of the scheme, Queensland-based JWA Oilfield Supplies has partnered with Bridgeport Energy to trial its patented concentration solar distillation technology to treat wastewater produced during oil and gas production. Bridgeport Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Australia’s New Hope Corporation (NHS.AX).

Treating produced water is a key challenge faced by the oil and gas sector as it is the largest waste stream generated during hydrocarbon extraction. Produced water is brackish and contains too much minerals for it to be either beneficially reused or discharged.

JWA’s Concentrated Solar Multi-Effect Distiller (CSMED) technology uses solar energy to directly extract moisture from waste streams, allowing pure distilled water to be collected. The novel process exploits thermodynamics principles and recycles the heat within the device to achieve a 5-fold increase of throughput.

“This project is a potential game changer for water treatment, particularly for Queensland’s resource industries,” said Minister for State Development Steven Miles.

Bridgeport’s environmental manager Ralph Gunness said the CSMED technology is highly compelling as it delivers key benefits on water treatment in the resources sector and potentially other water-intensive industries.

“The plan is to lower the treatment cost of produced water, treat a wider range of produced water and deploy a simple and easily integrated technology that can be used in very remote areas. By using only solar energy, the technology will reduce the environmental impact and provide a much-needed community benefit, especially during drought periods,” said Ralph Gunness.

A consortium of METS businesses is working together to rapidly commercialise the CSMED, providing skills development opportunities and enabling companies to deliver better environmental outcomes.

METS Ignited CEO Adrian Beer said the Industry Growth Centre is partnering with the Queensland Government to accelerate commercial outcomes for Australian businesses and promote collaboration between METS companies, global suppliers, resource industry and mine operators, research institutions and capital providers. 

“METS Ignited’s continued partnership with the Queensland Government is driving collaborative projects that commercialise innovative technologies and result in improvements in productivity, efficiency, safety, and sustainability,” said Adrian Beer.

About JWA:

JWA Oilfield Supplies is an Australian company committed to providing innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions to the resources and industrial sectors. Our company has supported major energy and infrastructure projects across the country, including the construction of LNG projects, road and rail programs and renewable developments.

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