Keep Australia Pristine - Leave No Trace

Keep Australia Pristine - Leave No Trace
Keep Australia Pristine - Leave No Trace
22 MAR 2019

Our Mats are cleaned to the highest standard so you can rest assured that it will leave no trace on your project site.

Reduce Your Ecological Footprint 

Minimise your ecological footprint and surpass environmental obligations for your construction works with Dura-Base composite mats. 

Having been used on Class A Nature Reserves, Native Wetlands and National parks, Dura-Base mats are positioned as the ideal temporary access to obtain council approval and comply with environmental regulators. 

In the past, the mats have protected native flora and fauna such as the Golden-Bell Frog and critically endangered sea turtles in pristine environments. Since invasive species are always a concern, we have developed a routine to prevent cross contamination and comply with national standards.


No More Imported Fill

Acting in accordance with the environmental protection and biodiversity conservation act 1999, The mats promote ecologically sustainable development by minimising imported fill. Not all material is reported to be natural or clean to meet the standards of a sensitive environment. Once the land is contaminated, it results in costly remediation and disposal costs. Also, using materials such as natural clay, gravel or sand requires many truck movements to dispose of once the project has finished. This increased traffic bring along, a more disruptive ecological footprint, bringing foreign elements into the sensitive sanctities and causing disruption to the habitat.  


The mats are weed and seed inspected to national standards to ensure that it is free of any declared plant species or their reproductive materials. Following this, the mats form a smooth continuous surface to ensure that any vehicle can be considered clean after it leaves its point of origin. The well maintained temporary access prevents vegetation from growing on top of it and stops encroaching of nearby occupied traffic. 
That is why we wash our mats to the highest degree between projects to ensure that the mats are ready for dispatch. 

If you have received some mats from us and need to know how to go about washing them at the close of your job? Don’t cause yourself undue hassle, it may be easier to let us handle the cleaning.

What’s Involved in the Washing Process?

What equipment do we use to speed up the process?
2+ personnel
Forklift (8 Tonne)
Hot Water Pressure Cleaner
Flipping Bay

How are the Dura-Base Mats Cleaned

Once our mats arrive back to our depot , they go through a rigorous washing routine. 

Step 01:

A custom-engineered washing machine cleans all sides and removes debris. The machine soaks, scrubs and brushes the mats. 

Step 02: 

We hit the mats with the pressure washer set to 4,000psi to remove any leftover, stubborn dirt and stains. After the washing is done the mats are left outside to dry. Cleaned and dried the mats are ready for the next job meeting the environmental requirements like the weed and seed quarantine standard

How are Accessories Washed?

The Locking pins are then washed separately. Using the pressure washer, they are cleaned in the accessory basket. Other accessories are also washed after the mats have been completed. 

What if we Want to do it at our Own Site?

1. Clear a space and place the mats side by side for efficient cleaning.
2. Remove large debris and mud from the surface and the lip.
3. Water pressure for the high pressure jets should be around 4,000psi
4. Ensure that all accessories are washed down. The clean mats can then be stacked and stored outside to dry before returning.
5. Always ensure the cleaned mats are facing the same way when you load them on the trailer.

However, if you have a better use for your time on your other projects, let us take care of all the cleaning. 


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