Why use Dura-Base mats?

Why use Dura-Base mats?
Why use Dura-Base mats?
27 AUG 2015

With many customers approaching us on a frequent basis to seek our opinion on the increasing number of alternative products for temporary access solutions.

With many customers approaching us on a frequent basis to seek our opinion on the increasing number of alternative products for temporary access solutions, we have built up a simple list of questions that should be asked prior to deciding on a product suitable for their job. We would like to share below the pertinent questions that will separate the wheat from the chaff.

Top Questions to ask when choosing a composite mat option for your project!

Question 1: What is the size and thickness of your mat?

When Dura-Base was initially launched in the marketplace as the world's first heavy duty HDPE composite mat system, the mat has set the bar incredibly high at a crush pressure of 600psi. It also has a thickness of 108mm and a dimension of 4.27m x 2.44m for easy of transport via truck.

After being the standard for over 18 years, a number of alternative products have come onto the market place with a smaller, thinner yet heavier product. This is due to a number of manufacturing short cuts taken to create a look alike product which misleads customers. However, when compared side by side in real world applications, the differences will instantly be clear, which we will clarify shortly in the rest of this article.

Question 2: Is your mat designed to be used on both sides?

Dura-Base mats are designed to be used on both sides of the mats. The locking pin mechanism works on the interlocking lip regardless of which way the mats are oriented.

Recent copies have come into the market place that only allow the customer to use the mat on one side! The reason is most often found in the locking mechanism "design". So this is a great question to be posed when dealing with Dura-Base copies.

Question 3: Is your mat fully formed with a honey combed structure and manufactured in 1 piece like the Dura-Base mat?

Dura-Base mats are manufactured in a method that creates a fully sealed mat with a honey combed core within that gives it its incredible strength and robustness with a published working life of over 15 years as tested by the US corp of engineers!

When faced with copies that utilise low cost manufacturing methods that bolt on a laminate skin, the difference is once again immediately clear that quality production values are not high on the priority list.

Ask these 3 questions the next time you have the opportunity to compare Dura-Base mats with other products. Sure, they may be suitable for lighter duty applications perhaps suitable for human footfall but why not put your investment into a robust and industry proven product like the Dura-Base and know that your money is spent on quality and built to last.

Experience the difference now and contact our friendly team!

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