We Do It For You

We Do It For You
We Do It For You
18 JAN 2019

We do what we do so you can do what you do.

What is it we do?

You engineer and build the critical infrastructure of Australia future. We provide the solid foundations for you to get the job done.

With responsibilities that require many years of focus on design and engineering, leave it to us to support you for all your composite matting needs, whether it is for weather-proof site access or stable platforms for heavy lifts and pilingHere is a glimpse of our systems and routines constantly refined towards perfection throughout the years. We do this so your attention is on what matters.



If you need mats at a moments notice, we are always ready. Whether it is with transport that you arrange or one of our own trusted operators. Just let us know the day and time, and we’ll organise a seamless loadout and delivery conforming to and exceeding all relevant road regulations across the country.



Many of your projects deal with soft or unstable ground conditions. This means MUD. Making sure that our mats are clean after your project is vital in our industry to prevent cross-contamination between sites. However, trying to clean 450kg mats on a work site can be challenging. We have dedicated washing bays, spacious depots, the right tools and experienced staff, so let us take care of the cleaning for you. We can meet your weed and seed requirements. The mats are inspected to ensure only clean and uncontaminated equipment arrives at your site.



Our mats are tough, real tough! However, even on the most well-run work sites servicing can be required at the close of the job to keep the mats in excellent condition. At our depot, we have a dedicated HDPE welding station to care for the assets and where the mats are thoroughly inspected to ensure continued suitability for highly-engineered applications. With this service station, we can give the attention the mats need and service accumulated wear and tear from rigours of the job.

Unique to our product, the steel core locking pins are essential to securing our mats together, so it is extra important we ensure that they work smoothly prior to getting out to the site. Every pin on return is checked and maintained to ensure that your installation happens seamlessly every time. This is all managed by a rigorously audited ISO system.


Quality Management and Safety Systems

JWA is accredited in the safety and quality standards of :


Taking health and safety seriously, our processes are in place to ensure the reliability of our products. We take it upon ourselves to ensure that every mat goes through a rigorous inspection process in order for you to be assured of its capability when out in the field.

All the processes mentioned are apart of our ISO accreditation where we have a third party to audit on a regular basis. This is all part of our health and safety measures and efforts to ensure the reliability of our products.

We do what we do so you can do what you do. This is why we strive to do more than just meet expectations and offer the service you need in a timely matter. Whether it’s a project in a remote area or in a congested city, our dynamic team are the go-to experts for composite matting solutions.


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