Big Bogmats for Big Build Projects

Big Bogmats for Big Build Projects
Big Bogmats for Big Build Projects
05 SEP 2023

Read an industry article on the role our bogmats played in Victoria's Big Build projects.

Big thank you to Inside Construction for their insightful article shedding light on our role and importance of composite mats in the Victoria Big Build projects. This media coverage extends beyond mere recognition; it's a fantastic opportunity to showcase our work and the tangible impact it has had on these significant projects. Read the article here: Big Build project teams take advantage of JWA’s matting solutions.

Amidst this transformative wave, matting solutions designed for temporary access tracks and track-out control have emerged as the game-changer. These solutions are not merely an option; they are the reliable and sustainable choice for projects of varying magnitudes. We are proud to say our mats have consistently proven their worth by being a reliable solution while saving time, costs, and vital resources. In fact, there have been instances where these mats stood as the sole solution, showcasing their adaptability and indispensability in diverse project scenarios.

For those navigating challenging terrain for site access, or looking for sustainable alternatives to track-out control, we extend a warm invitation to explore our matting solutions. Beyond the conventional, these solutions might just be the missing piece you've been searching for.

Talk with one of our experienced team members - whether it's to shore up for the wet season, or exploring reusable piling platforms, or even how to reduce the use of fill material - let us tailor a solution to suit your scope. 

Bog mats on Big Build Construction Projects

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