Dura-Base Composite Mats

Dura-Base Composite Mats


Dimensions:         4.27m (L)  x  2.44m (W)

                                    105mm (H)

Usable Surface:  3.96m (L)  x  2.13m (W)

Weight:                    454 kg

Load rating:           Over 100 tonnes

Pure compressive load capacity is approximately 600 psi (40 kg/cm2).


  • Reusable platforms and roads in place of traditional methods of trucking aggregates or building concrete pads
  • With a single semi-trailer can hold up to 420sqm worth of mat coverage, composite matting can reduce or replace the need for single-use materials, reducing overall landfill waste.
  • Reduce emissions from overall truck movements required to deliver, refill and remove the equivalent in aggregates and fill material.
  • Dura-Base mats are made of non-porous HDPE which minimises the risk of cross-contamination while working in sensitive sites.
  • It installs rapidly, forming a protective load-spreading layer to minimise topsoil disturbance during operations.
  • Helps to preserve any underlying plant root substructure for optimal chance of regrowth. It also prevents equipment from rutting the ground and potentially exposing acid sulfate soils to the air.
  • By minimising ground disturbance during construction, Dura-Base reduces remediation works required after completion of the project.
  • Laying down Dura-Base mats does not generate dust compared to the installation and top up of crushed rock pads. They also act as a layer of dust suppression.
  • Dura-Base are reusable over multiple sites and projects. They are made of HDPE which are 100% recyclable after the expected lifecycle of over 15 years under standard use conditions.



Applications of composite mats on rail projects and their advantages - from urgent site access to minimising environmental disturbance.


Environmental benefits of composite mats for common ground issues encountered during construction of pipelines, transmission lines, substations, solar farms and windfarms.

Wet Weather Mitigation Mats

See how DuraBase matting was used on a residential development site after 10 days of continuous rain.

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DURA-BASE iSupply Listing

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