FODS Melbourne Trials

FODS Melbourne Trials

FODS Trackout Control Mats, an innovative approach to sediment control on construction site entrances, are in high demand in its US home ground. But how do they perform in Australian conditions and workplace standards?

To find out, we put them to the test on two of Victoria's major road and rail infrastructure projects, Metro Tunnel Project and West Gate Tunnel Project.

After 30 days across 5 sites in Melbourne, this was the feedback:

  • FODS are easy to handle and move around. On one particularly busy site, ground crew assembled the mats away from the entrance and dragged them into place when there was a break in site traffic.
  • FODS can be installed on a range of surfaces without the need to dig a trench.
  • FODS are ideal for tight sites and short exit points.
  • FODS are effective. They have even been used as last line of defence on sites with traditional trackout control measures already in place.
  • FODS are tough. An 80 tonne steel cleat piling rig drove over the mats without any issues.

Thank you to the crew at Rail Infrastructure Alliance, Cross Yarra Partnership and Inbound Portal at the West Gate Tunnel Project for having us and the FODS on their sites.

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Case Study Attributes

Project Name
FODS Melbourne Trials
Roads and Infrastructure
Multiple locations, VIC
mats used
FODS Trackout Control Mats
applications used
Trackout Control, Sediment Control
  • Reusable Trackout Control Matting
    prevReusable Trackout Control Mattingnext
  • Effective Mud Removal Mats
    prevEffective Mud Removal Matsnext
  • No Trench Digout Required
    prevNo Trench Digout Requirednext
  • Tyre Friendly Trackout Control Mats
    prevTyre Friendly Trackout Control Matsnext
  • Easy to Handle
    prevEasy to Handlenext

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