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DuraBase Temporary road mats in Darwin, NT Australia

With soft boggy soils being a major challenge during the rainy season in the Northern Territory in Australia, major projects are often stumped with the problem of creating temporary access roads in a quick and environmentally low impact manner.

Luckily for our client, JWA was able to supply over a kilometre worth of the original and best HDPE portable roadway in the market for the purpose of creating temporary roadway into the tidal flats.

By its interlocking mechanism, DuraBase mats connect with each other to provide a continuous solid surface for equipment to travel across while protecting the ground below from track damage.

DuraBase Bog Mats Australia

Bypass lanes are easily created when adding a few additional pieces to one side of the newly created road. This allows for 2 direction flow of traffic while reducing the quantity of mats required on site.

During the wet season, tidal fluctuations of over 10m are experienced on site. The plastic bog mats made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) are secured in place with ground anchors and sit back down when the tide recedes.

DuraBase Mats Darwin JWA Oilfield Supplies

Thin plastic liners below the mat surface allow for a quick demobilisation and also reduces the amount of mud attaching the the bottom of the mats. This optional process provides major cost savings by hastening the pick up of mats and also greatly reduces the man hours required to clean the mats at the end of the job.

At over 100mm thick, DuraBase mats sets the standard for heavy duty swamp matting while all other copies lag behind in innovation and quality by offering thinner and yet heavier matting options due to the inability to produce a honeycombed hollow core mat system.

If you’ve been let down by lightweight mats used for the events industry in the past, get in touch with JWA and let our experts assist you with your next job! Experience the difference with DuraBase mats. Rent or Purchase options both available in all states in Australia.

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