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Rental of Bog Mats for Australia

Drilling Composite Mats JWA Oilfield

JWA is a proud supplier to the Oil and Gas industry supporting drilling locations with our fleet of DuraBase composite bog mat system. Battle proven by extreme work environments all over the world for almost 2 decades, the DuraBase HDPE mat is the most robust and reliable partner for Coal seam, Shale and conventional oil and gas plays.
Pipeline Mats JWA Oilfield
Improving HSE standards and setting the bar for industry best practices, the DuraBase rig mat manufactured by Newpark is a common sight on our drilling locations all over Australia and the rest of the world.

Coal Seam Gas drilling DuraBase mats

Without a single warranty claim for almost 20 years of use in all types of heavy industries and rough terrain, JWA is well positioned to service your project needs with ready stock levels in depots around Australia.

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