DuraBase Mat Washing

    • 1 Mat every 90 seconds
    • 6 rows of high pressure water jets
    • 4 Heavy Duty rotary brush sets


    • Clean both sides of the mat at the same time
    • Water cleaning system to 30 microns
    • Specialised soaking tank to soften caked on mud





Let JWA Oilfield Supplies handle your DuraBase mat washing problems. From bog mud to swamp or even high clay black soils, our very own mat washing system will ensure that your inventory is sparkling clean.

Weed and seeds quarantine standards can easily be achieved through our machine that soaks, scrubs, brushes and jets down to the highest degree possible.

Locking pins and tool kit sets will also be run though our dedicated soaking tanks which gets even the finest grains of sand out.

Management of wastes and water will be put into our waste management process to ensure all regulatory requirements are met and exceeded.

Leave your washing challenges to JWA!