May 19, 2017 0 Comments in Bog mat Australia, Dura-base Mats, piling mats, Temporary roadways

March-April 2017 proved to be a challenge to many construction teams in Sydney as they were faced with unseasonal rain. The Sydney Morning Herald called it “The Wettest, gloomiest March for decades”.

For a boutique waterfront development, it was a boggy, muddy nightmare. After the 10th day of heavy rain with no end in sight, digging down in clay soil to put up pile sheets proved impossible.

Residential development after 10 days of rain

Faced with a difficult challenge, the developers contacted JWA and the first lot of DuraBase mats were loaded on the next available semi-trailer. Installed within a day, the only ground preparation needed was a layer of plastic lining to prevent the mats being sucked down by the mud.

Piling access mats

The DURA-BASE mats formed a continuous solid surface and allowed the piling rigs the access required. The construction team were also able to pick up the mats and redeploy again as they continue to dig lower for multiple floors.

Piling pads residential development Lower level access mats

The developers successfully avoided costly downtime and the construction crew had a safe, solid platform to work on and now the project keeps a fleet of DURA-BASE mats as mitigation against further weather events.

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